Under the Surface

A ceramic group exhibition curated by Jenny Kerr, displayed at Lost Eden, Dwellingup.

Nadine Bastow, Felicity Bodycoat, Alsion Brown, Greg Crowe, Ian Dowling, Mel Ellero, Kim Gillespie, Patricia Hines, Deanne Jecks, Bernard Kerr, Jenny Kerr, Robbie Kerr, Robin Lees, Victoria Malone, Steven McCoy, Holly O’Meehan, Narayani Palmer, Sylvie Riches and Uday Singh.

Inspired by the organic textures of the Western Australian landscapes, Holly O’Meehan uses a combination of various clay manipulation techniques paired with unusual glazes to create her ceramic objects. Having been raised in rural W.A., specifically in the Great Southern, O’Meehan’s work often interrogates the harsh effects humans and specifically agriculture have on the natural environment. Thorns and spikes protrude from the gentle clay landscapes, representing a hard and threatening environment that has evolved as a result of our destruction. Some what hypocritically, O’Meehan choses to use the very materials her family and many others have used over the last couple centuries, sourcing Australian clays and minerals to draw attention to a very similar consumption of natural resources.

A series of five vessels were developed for this exhibition, each focusing on a specific floral element; Brachen, Petal, Splinter, Thorn and Vine.