Sugar Coated

Capturing time through process and materiality, O’Meehan’s work represents a time capsule of the relatively new phenomenon of fast media; juxtaposing the rapid pace of news against the slow, tedious creation of fillet crochet. With information spread via memes, Instagram, Twitter and 24 hour news channels, we can identify the unique years of this century with as little as a few words; a colloquial abbreviation; 140 characters. This evolving project takes a glimpse at how the speed of mass communications on international platforms is stunting our capacity of information intake and is limited to refined “headlines” of incredibly complex current issues.

Using fine cotton threads in various creams and pastel tones to make intricate crocheted pieces, reminiscent of early crochet or “Irish Lace”, it is not until the viewer squints that they begin to uncover acronyms, words and phrases that represent current issues and commentary. Taking anywhere between five and ten hours to make by hand, this incredibly slow and tedious technique of filet crochet attempts to capture fleeting thoughts, colloquialisms and slogans shared instantly across the internet. A glimpse is offered subtly into how our understanding of time is being warped and deconstructed in a constantly evolving world.