Collaborative exhibition Watching by artists Anna Louise Richardson and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, held at West Space in Collingwood VIC, where Abdul-Rahman commissioned the Golden Wattle Hookers (Jill Paynter-O'Meehan and Holly O'Meehan), a mother and daughter partnership who work in mass crochet and soft sculpture, to design and create the fleece for the two sheep sculptures, Pair.

"Watching embodies the sensation of being approached, watched or singled out by animals, either wild or domestic, and the emotive resonance of these moments – reflecting ideas of death, fear and preternatural communication with the natural world. Raising a young family in a rural environment the exhibition builds on the artists’ shared experiences to articulate a personal lore that voices their relationships with other living creatures. Renewing mythologies about the cyclical processes of life Watching embraces both the magical thinking of childhood and the pragmatism of living in close proximity to nature." - West Space

You can find the floor sheet for the exhibition here.

This exhibition is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts: Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups, and Regional Arts Fellowship (WA)

Photo credit: Janelle Low 2022 for West Space.