Manning Light Box

City of South Perth

Limited Minerals

This series of artworks interrogates the long term effects both native and introduced flora have on residential structures, specifically referencing the unique biodiversity of the Western Australian environment and its impacts on relatively new residential structures that have been built using the very same minerals and materials the local flora rely on to survive.

Since colonial settlement in Australia, human impact has consistently and aggressively damaged the natural environment. Through actives such as farming, mining and construction, the weakened environment has inevitably become victim to an onslaught of introduced flora species. This project will speculate a future environment of evolved flora species, hybrids of both native and introduced plants, that slowly but surely regain control of the landscapes minerals that currently stand as bricks and concrete, walls and foundations, residential structures and infrastructure.


Are you able to find the clay growths hiding spaces from the photographs?


Which plants do you think could evolve to thrive off of buildings?


You can find a drawing activity for the Light Box Gallery in the Manning Library.

I would like to thank the City of South Perth for there support on this project.