Joondalup Invitation Art Prize 2022

In it’s 24th year, the JIAP is a significant event in the City’s cultural calendar and a celebration of WA’s talented professional visual arts community.

This years list of finalists include Jack Ball, Bori Benko, Dan Bourke, Emma Buswall, Christophe Canato, Claudia Caporn, Mel Dare, Danielle Freakley, Fiona Gavino, Pascale Giorgi, Luisa Hansal, Brent Harrison, Kirsten Hudson, Christopher Hummel, Afsaneh Khoramshahi, Willam Leggett, Tim Maley, Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge, Elisa Markes-Young, Ant Muia, Annette Nykiel, Holly O’Meehan, Sid Pattni, Amy Perejuan-Capone, Andy Quilty, Bruce and Nicole Slatter, Lea Taylor, Sioux Tempestt and Kay Wood.

Ooze, 2022
Stoneware ceramic, glaze, mother of pearl lustre and 25L cube containers.

Artist Statement; Through invasive human activities such as farming, mining and construction, the weakened natural environment has inevitably become victim to an onslaught of introduced flora species. Ooze interrogates the concept of harsh human and chemical intervention on the naturally sandy condition of the soil across Australia, perfect for the natural vegetation that has evolved to flourish in such conditions but lacks in nutrients for introduced grain crops such as wheat, canola, barley and more.

Working from two 25L liquid containers, the same that regularly hold small amounts of chemicals used for general agricultural purposes, the spiky ceramic objects seem to spill and ooze from the drums in a sickly manner. With each thorn painstakingly hand rolled and placed, one by one, the process attempts to mimic the importance of time for the evolutionary process.

These ceramic objects represent hypothetical organisms that have combined hardy natural vegetation with the overpowering weeds and evolved with the help of the overly potent chemicals that are commonly used across the agricultural community in Australia.

You can find the full digital catalogue here.