Fremantle Arts Centre
Print Award 2014

Selected artwork for the 2014 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

"As an economically established society, Australian’s live in a materialistic environment where the turn over rate of house hold items is at an overwhelmingly high level. This print has been developed within the suburbs of Perth during verge collection, the last resting place for unwanted items. The grass of the planter box represents a small portion of everyones verge where these no longer desired objects and items are left to vanish from the resident’s property, and memory. As a continuation from the psychological reference of materialistic lifestyles, the physical arrangement of the abandoned objects alludes to another psychological “imperfection”, a dominant characteristic with in West Australian society. The structural and categorised layout of the unclaimed items in this ephemeral artwork attempts to reference the obsessive order and control of everyday society, a quality that often goes unnoticed. As the impressions from the objects slowly disappear during the course of the exhibition, this comment on materiality in conjunction with obsessive control will also fade with the return of the next round of verge collections."